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Follow our perfect steak guide to serve up a steak that's prepared to your preference, or see this video:19. How to make a salad dressing, A vinaigrette is a basic French salad dressing made from oil and vinegar in the standard ratio three parts oil to one part vinegar. Have a look at our video to see how to make a traditional French dressing, or adjust it with lemon juice, fresh herbs, mustard or crushed garlic, as in this superfood salad with citrus dressing.

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How to stay safe in the kitchen area, Health and proper handling of components like raw chicken are crucial to avoid your meal (and month) being ruined by gastrointestinal disorder. Firstly, always clean your hands prior to cooking or eating and after touching raw meat. Usage separate slicing boards for raw meats and vegetables, and ensure to clean all utensils thoroughly after use.

To learn more, read our guides on managing raw chicken, cooking meat on the barbecue and transporting food safely. Our guide to weaning - security, health and storage is also useful if you are preparing or keeping food for a child. 21. How to make a batter, The method varies depending upon what you're making, however you constantly require to whisk your batter appropriately to combine the flour, milk or water so that there are no lumps.

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22. How to rub flour and butter, Some discover it the most satisfying part of a bake, others dislike this time-consuming task. However, if you're making shortcrust pastry, scones or a fall apart, you'll need to use a method called rubbing in. This suggests taking flour and fat and rubbing it between your fingertips till it appears like breadcrumbs.

How to line a cake tin, Don't be tempted to forgo this important baking action. Softened butter and baking parchment are all you need to stop your cake sticking, and with a little knowledge, you can effectively line any shape of tin. Put these abilities into practice by making a large, fruity Christmas cake.

How to make a tomato sauce, Fresh is best and there's no requirement to buy tomato passata when it's so easy to make. Our simple passata dish will last a week in the refrigerator, or up to 3 months in the freezer, prepared to be contributed to soups and stews, or used as a sauce for meat, fish, or pasta.