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Turn an egg yolk and top quality oil into fluffy and scrumptious mayo for your next sandwich, potato salad, or dressing. Soak your potatoes Soak potatoes after peeling or slicing them. Proshkin Aleksandr/Shuttershock Whether you're making crispy french fries or fluffy mashed potatoes, soak your spuds after peeling or slicing them. Potatoes oxidize quickly, so their white flesh will begin to turn brown right after it's exposed to the air, however plunging them into a water bath avoids this from occurring.

Then get rid of the chicken, add your veggies, and shred the meat. Stir everything together at the end with noodles for a homemade soup that'll stop any cold in its tracks. Salt the sweet things, Include a sprinkle of flaky salt to cookies, brownies, cakes, and pies when they're still warm and fresh out of the oven.

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Plus it adds a good textural part to your soft baked products.


Discover how one common home component can be used for 5 various meals. Featured ingredients consist of rice, oats, beans, and canned vegetables.

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When it comes to cooking, we all understand the battle of getting the correct amount of measurements, getting that perfect taste and, obviously, the methods through which we can make our work easy in the kitchen. While many may believe that cooking is all about adding masalas to the vegetables or gravies, we forget just how much practice it takes to master that.

So, if you want your rotis to be soft when you bite in them, then knead the dough with warm water. You can also do the finger test after kneading the dough, just poke the dough somewhat with one finger, and if it feels soft, then you are excellent to go! Make certain to rest the dough for a minimum of 15 minutes before cooking! Make your rotis softer, Many of us have actually ended up being health-conscious in the past couple of years, and as we look for healthy alternatives even in our cooking, we bring you a method to make your food creamy without utilizing cream.