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Comes out ideal every time. Donna Woodliff 10. Make Cleanup Easy Using parchment paper when baking rolls and cookies so you don't need to scrape the pan, Confidential 11. Pressure Cooker Eggs Hard boiled eggs in the instantaneous pot! Marianne 12. Swap Your Skillet for the Oven 13. Frozen Veggies for Convenience I learned this from you- but using frozen veggies.

I still use fresh vegetables some however I keep frozen vegetables to roast for simple dinners too! Paige Wright 14. Easy Grease Clean-up I just learned this just recently from enjoying the Julia Pacheco cooking show. After frying up meats like ground meat or sausage, take a paper towel and with tongs or spoon or whatever move it around in the pan to remove the grease.

Conserves from having to clean an oily colander too! Eileen 15. Perfect Sauted Mushrooms Cooking mushrooms in a pan with 1/4 cup water and when the water is evaporated and the mushrooms are soft completing them with butter for taste and shine. They don't get almost so oily as when you cook simply in oil or butter.

Mindy 16. Portion and Freeze Freezing tomato paste in ice sized parts now I purchase a large can when I require tomato paste & freeze what I don't use. Recipes I utilized normally required 1 tablespoon so I always had left over paste. Anonymous 17. Dishes are Memories Acceptance- i can't make particular recipes also or even close as some member of the family.

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Heather Miker Yesssss! Dishes can hold many lovely dishes. They can be as nostalgic as an image album. 18. Bulk Cook Beef I made a lot of ground beef for a taco night at church last week. Made it in the crock pot. I don't think I'll ever make it in a frying pan once again if I don't need to! Soooo great! I cooked 5 pounds and it was best.

Easy peasy. Kim Scott 20. Remain on Top of the Mess CLEAN AS YOU GO a lot easier that way. Sofia K. 21. Bright Your Food with Acid 1. Tidy as you go! 2. Better Than Bouillon is the best broth base. 3. Add lemon juice or vinegar if your food is tasting a bit bland the acid provides it a kick! Elise Durand 22.