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The pandemic years have given us plenty of ongoing home cooking exploration. While some of us (me) skilled severe banana bread burnout, and others (also me) provided up on sourdough, we continued attempting brand-new recipes, taking virtual cooking classes, and updating our house kitchen area equipment. And, like every year, we continued to find out cooking pointers from chefs.

So, here's a wrap-up you can in fact use the very best cooking ideas we learned from chefs. [Hero Image Credit: Pylyp Sukhenko/Unsplash; Featured Image Credit: Edward Howell/Unsplash] Immersion mixers make excellent whipped cream Image credit: Andrew Lancaster/ Unsplash Who understood? Well, Paola Velez did. On an episode of Pastries with Paola where she makes Maria Cookie Icebox Cake, the pastry chef showed you can quickly utilize an immersion mixer, the exact same kind you 'd utilize to pure a soup.

Sourdough belongs in bread pudding Image credit: DDP/Unsplash We learned another cooking tip in an episode of Pastries with Paola, where Velez makes her guava and cheese bread pudding, inspired by her partner's 101-year-old granny's recipe. And the bread she uses is sourdough. "The layers of the sourdough give it a tang." The finest biscuits have butter and reducing Image: Courtesy Image by Jennifer Causey/ Food Styling by Torie Cox Carla Hall makes her fluffy, flakey, out-of-this-world biscuits by utilizing a mix of grated cold butter and vegetable shortening.

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But pies especially "ought to be baked up until they're really a good colour golden-brown. That may appear like a long time because that will definitely deserve it in the final product. It ought to be nicely browned below." Stewart shared another cooking suggestion and exposed that a crucial action in attaining that ideal golden-brown outside is topping your crust with sugar: "Sugar on the crust not just helps make it pretty, but it provides it a nice crunch." Cilantro stems are for saving Image credit: Alyson Mc, Phee/Unsplash Claudette Zepeda was also at the Classic this year, where she showed her popular birria dish.