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How to make gravy, Genuine gravy made in the roasting pan tastes a lot better than powdered gravy. Follow the sure-fire actions in our how to make gravy video to develop smooth sauce each time. For more thorough directions, read this guide on how to make the ultimate gravy. 11.

Master this method with our video on how to make stock ideal for using up remaining bones after a roast. 12. How to prepare rice, A daily staple that should have to be prepared properly. You don't need to purchase a rice cooker to get fluffy grains; the absorption method, shown in our how to prepare rice video, simply uses a lidded pan of boiling water:13.

See our video on how to make meringues to see this technique in action. Read our guide to storing and consuming leftover whites and yolks. 14. How to knead doughBread is a staple, however if you have actually never tasted a fresh loaf when it's hot from the oven, you're losing out.

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Prepare a flat, clean surface by spraying over a little flour, and take your bowl of increased dough. Using your fists, 'knock back' the dough till it forms a smaller sized ball, then tip this out onto your kneading surface. Using the heel of one hand, press the dough down and forwards, stretching and squashing it.

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See this strategy in action in our how to make bread video and enhance your bread skills. 15. How to crush garlicGarlic is important to numerous recipes, and our video guide for how to squash garlic with a knife will not only conserve you the trouble of purchasing and cleaning a garlic crusher, however will offer you a smooth paste that will simply disappear into your meal without any lumps.