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To prepare food straight under the heat source of a gas or electric oven. Often used for fish and tender cuts of meat. To prepare quickly over high heat, typically on top of the range, so the surface of the food turns brown and the within stays moist. To cut into pieces, which can differ in size.

To prepare food straight on the heat source of a gas, charcoal, or wood grill. Frequently utilized for fish, tender cuts of meat, and vegetables. To blend and work the ingredients that make up dough into smooth, flexible form. Can be done with hands or a heavy-duty mixer. To cut food into even smaller sized pieces than diced.

To cook food gently in big quantities of heated liquid. The liquid relocations slightly, however no bubbles break the surface area. Typically utilized for eggs, fish, and fruit. To cook by dry heat, typically in an oven. To prepare food in a small quantity of fat or oil on top of a range.

To prepare food gradually in heated liquid. Small bubbles must break the surface. Frequently used for meats and stews that gain from sluggish cooking. To cut into wide, slices. To cook food rapidly in a covered pot by the damp heat made from a percentage of heated liquid.

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Often utilized for veggies and fish. To beat ingredients with a fork or a "whisk:' This adds air and increases the volume. The mixture appears light and fluffy. Typical Cooking Abbreviations Review the most popular cooking abbreviations included in your preferred recipes. How To Determine Dry Ingredients Learn the different techniques for determining components like flour, sugar, spices and salt.

If the recipe does not say, determine like this. Securely Packed Press as much of the component as you can suit the measure. Lightly Packed Press the active ingredient into the cup lightly. Do not load too gently. Rounded Permit the ingredient to stack up above the rim of the determining cup or spoon naturally, into a soft mound.

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Sifted Pass dry components through a fine-mesh strainer of sifter prior to determining. Pinch or Dash A percentage, generally less than 1/8 of a teaspoon. Have a look at These Videos for More Tips on Mastering the Kitchen Fundamentals. Assist your food last even longer with these safe storage and prep ideas.