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Find out and practice the guideline to examine the preparedness of steak. 10. To prevent butter from over-browning in your pan, add a bit of lemon juice. 11. Accept salt. Do not hesitate to use salt; it pulls the tastes out of your meals. Prepare with kosher salt and season with sea salt.

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No luck finding shallots? Replace with a combination of onions and garlic. 13. After managing garlic, rub your fingers on stainless steel, like your sink, to get rid of the odor. 14. Ovens can lie. Place a second thermometer in your oven to ensure proper preheating temperatures. 15. Ignore cooking times.

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16. The most versatile and essential tool is a sharp chef's knife. 17. Learn all the different methods to cook an egg. 18. When poaching an egg, include a teaspoon of white vinegar to simmering water to assist keep the yolk from breaking. 19. For a great hardboiled egg whenever, bring your pot to a boil and after that turn off the heat.

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20. Break eggs on a paper towel on the counter no shells and simple cleanup! 21. Make an ideal sunny-side egg by covering your pan with a lid and letting the steam prepare your egg. No turning needed. 22. Always taste your food prior to spices. 23. Anchor your cutting board to the counter with a wet paper towel to keep things constant and safe.