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I'm an overall geek. Constantly have been. Constantly will. And I don't just accept my nerdom, I accept it. Knowing is fun to me, especially when it includes food. Cookbooks represent 90% of my bookcase. Stacks of magazine subscriptions clutter every room of your house. My internet bookmarks bar is filled with numerous food blogs and other dish websites.

And naturally that got me considering some suggestions of my own. Although there is still about 100 life times of understanding to acquire prior to I even scratch the surface of the collective culinary world, here is an excellent start for those of you who are simply starting out in the cooking area.

1. Salt Is Your Good friend Appropriately seasoning your food is one suggestion that chefs and culinary professionals bombard us with time and time once again. Most of home cooks either considerably under season their food or simply discard in some salt at the very end of the cooking process. In his book, Michael Symon's Live to Prepare: Dishes and Strategies to Rock Your Kitchen, the Iron Chef teaches that salting in phases throughout the cooking process will develop more taste.

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For instance, if I'm braising short ribs, I will season the meat prior to searing, then season once again as the vegetables are sauting, and finally season one more time as the braising liquid is included. Proceed and get yourself some excellent Kosher Salt (Morton's or Diamond Crystal are the two requirements) and keep it beside your stove in a handy-dandy salt cellar.

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And on the subject of salt, don't forget to add it to your water when cooking pasta. And not simply a pinch. You literally desire the water to taste like ocean salt water. This will make sure you pasta is completely skilled. 2. Leave the Recipe Straightjacket Cookbooks.

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Web Food Sites and Blog Sites. I love them all. I'm afraid to think the number of cumulative hours I have actually invested checking out food. As much as I absolutely like and love my large library of cookbooks and get very excited whenever a food publication gets provided to my mail box, they can also be a straightjacket in the cooking area.