today is Jan 22, 2022

Finally I got the time to make a proper and complete nasi kuning. It is quite a production to prepare this dish, since nasi kuning (or yellow rice) is traditionally served with the requisite perkedel kentang, ayam ungkep, telur dadar gulung, kerupuk udang (shrimp crackers), quick lalap, and sambal.

So, everything has to be timed just so, thus bits of juggling is required, that way, if you start cooking at 8 o’clock in the morning, hopefully sometimes around 11 o’clock everything will be done and ready and looking super yummy :)

Nasi Kuning

Nasi Kuning

Making a complete nasi kuning meal

This post is just for the recipe of nasi kuning, if you want to prepare the complete works, please see my previous posts for:

  • perkedel kentang (potato fritters)
  • ayam ungkep (Javanese fried chicken)
  • telur dadar gulung (thin rolled omelet)
  • lalap sambal terasi (vegetables with shrimp paste chili relish)

Serving suggestion

To serve, shape rice with the aid of a small soup bowl (or rice bowl if you have one) and slightly press it down so the shape will hold, then place a plate on top of the bowl and flip it so the rice sits right in the middle of the plate.

Place one piece of ayam ungkep, a couple of perkedel kentang, 2 tablespoon of telur dadar gulung, some kerupuk udang (shrimp crackers), some slices of cucumber, tomato, and lettuce around the rice. Serve with some chili sauce (sambal).