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Sorted Pass dry components through a fine-mesh strainer of sifter before measuring. Pinch or Dash A little quantity, usually less than 1/8 of a teaspoon. Have a look at These Videos for More Tips on Mastering the Kitchen Area Fundamentals. Help your food last even longer with these safe storage and preparation ideas.

Tap on each circle for pointers. For How Long Does Food Last? Use food within the time listed on the bundle or freeze immediately. Follow the timelines listed below for best food quality. Click the buttons below to see recommended storage lengths. Tap the buttons below to see suggested storage lengths.

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Click each circle for ideas. Tap on each circle for pointers. Learn how to safely defrost food utilizing a variety of techniques. Click each circle for ideas. Tap on each circle for tips. Equipping Your Pantry A well-stocked kitchen can assist you develop meals in a hurryno requirement to run back out to the shop.

Click for quick pointers. Swipe for quick ideas. Baking Products Have flour, sugar, baking soda, and baking powder on hand. They are basic ingredients for many fresh baked items. Canned Proteins Add beans to salads, soups, and main courses, or function as a side meal. Try canned fish in salads, casseroles, and pasta.

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Or, utilize in primary dishes to stretch portions. Oil Canola and olive oils are nutritious options when cooking or making dressings. Cooking spray keeps food from staying with the pan. Canned Tomato Products Keep canned tomato sauce and entire, diced, or pureed tomatoes on hand. They are fundamental ingredients in a vast array of recipes.

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Canned or Powdered Milk Canned or Powdered Milk Canned low-fat evaporated and dry powdered milk keep longer than fresh. Usage in dishes instead of fresh milk. Vinegars Keep apple cider, red white wine, rice, or balsamic vinegars on hand for homemade salad dressings and marinades. Pasta and Rice Purchase entire wheat pasta and brown rice in bulk or on sale.