today is Mar 25, 2023

Vape fan Sean Hannity isn’t going to let the Food and Drug Administration tell him what to do.

The Fox News star, on his show Wednesday, was defiant after reports that the U.S. regulator planned to ban Juul e-cigarettes and order stores to stop selling the product. The FDA could reveal the order by week’s end, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Hannity, famously caught on camera vaping during a commercial break last year, pledged to stand his ground.

“They ban it and I’ll do it live on TV and they can come and arrest me,” he said. “How’s that?”

It wouldn’t be the first time Hannity has vaped on his show. In March 2021, a live camera caught him puffing a bar after a commercial break.

“Uh oh,” the host remarked.

You can watch a clip of Hannity’s vaping blunder below.

Meanwhile, fellow Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed the reported Juul ban would lower testosterone levels and cause weight gain, according to Media Matters.