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All items in your cooler must be packed in water tight bags or containers. To avoid unwanted check outs from animals, keep food kept away or hang above ground level. Apply oil on camp grill to keep foods from sticking. Cans of frozen juice keep other foods cold. Usage convenience or instantaneous foods for fast meals.

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Keep manages away from extreme heat and flames. To keep matches dry dip stick matches in wax and when required, remove the tip of the match and light. Likewise keep matches in a water resistant container. Use ziplock bags to save foods like soup, sauces, chili and so on. Freeze the bag and put in cooler.

To repair a cooler leak, apply melted paraffin wax inside and outside the leaky location. Put a pan of warm water on the fire while you eat so that it'll be prepared for clean-up when you are done. To keep soap clean at your camping area, put it in a sock and hang from a tree.

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Bring energy boosting snacks such as GORP trail mix, granola bars, dried fruit, beef jerky etc. for in between meals. To prepare hamburgers more evenly throughout, put a hole in the middle of your hamburger about the size of your finger, during grilling the hole will disappear but the center will be prepared the exact same as the edges.

They keep the cooler cold and provide a cold beverage. To remove odors from your cooler, clean with a water and baking soda solution. Use a different cooler for beverages so not to open the food cooler too frequently. Renew your ice often. Keep your food cold at all times to prevent food wasting and food poisoning.