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Easy and authentic! Made with simply 3 active ingredients including pasta, Romano cheese and black pepper. It's such a simple yet remarkable meal with clearly scrumptious flavor! Cacio e pepe is an economical pasta dish that stemmed from Rome, Italy. Cacio e pepe translates from Italian to English as "cheese and pepper" which is the basis of the sauce.

When made authentically it just requires pasta (such as spaghetti, bucatini or tonnarelli), Pecorino Romano cheese, broken black pepper, salt, and the boiled pasta water. Pasta is boiled up until it starts to soften, simply a little over midway prepared. Then it's moved to a frying pan with a few of the pasta cooking water and there it cooks a bit longer (this 2 pan cooking approach is to concentrate that starchy water further so it functions as an actually excellent binder).

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It's such a simple dish that's a dinner video game changer for a quick, light prep meal that will never ever dissatisfy. Plus it's a dish with optimum taste built off only 2 fundamental active ingredients plus salt and pepper. The key here is to follow the technique carefully. It took me quite a long time to perfect this meal and achieve a smooth rich sauce (no clumping!) particularly without the need of including any oil or butter (which is not authentic).