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Keep in mind that various pasta shapes will have various cooking times and fresh egg pasta will prepare much quicker than dried. To help you choose, why not read our guide to which pasta to purchase. If you wish to entirely go back to square one with your own homemade dough and a pasta device, our video on how to make pasta has some valuable suggestions.

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How to poach an egg, There's no need to buy special pans to get completely poached eggs they're much easier than you think. Follow our video guide to poaching an egg with just a pan of boiling water, a splash of white wine vinegar and a slotted spoon. 6. How to melt chocolate, Utilizing a 'bain marie' to melt chocolate may sound elegant, however it's actually really easy, and will guarantee you don't ruin your preferred sweet reward by burning or splitting it.

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7. How to make an omelette, For a yummy lunch or light dinner, you can't beat an omelette. Beat your eggs up until completely integrated, put into a fry pan, and scatter over your fillings. Simple! To make it fluffy, drag the egg into the middle of the pan as it sets, as shown in our video on how to make the best omelette:8.

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Attempt rubbing the outdoors with a little oil and salt for spuds that have crisp skin and fluffy white flesh. Follow our guide on how to make the ultimate baked potato for success whenever and dive further into our baked potato collection. 9. How to stuff and roast a chickenRoast chicken is a Sunday favourite, but you can include even more flavour by packing it.

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Utilize a temperature level thermometer or examine that the juices run clear, as displayed in our how to evaluate & joint a chicken video. To accomplish a flavourful and healthy roast, rub the chicken with thyme, lemon juice and rapeseed oil then serve with sliced vegetables, as revealed in our healthy one pan roast chicken video.

How to make gravy, Real gravy made in the roasting pan tastes so much better than powdered gravy. Follow the sure-fire steps in our how to make gravy video to develop smooth sauce whenever. For more in-depth directions, read this guide on how to make the ultimate gravy. 11.