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"Let your topping list evolve and attempt charred brussels sprouts, sauted spinach, roasted corn, and more." Shutterstock, Jason Arbusto, chef and culinary director of Craddock Terry Hotel on the Bluff in Lynchburg, Virginia, keeps in mind that there are many things you can do with eggs. "It was as soon as said that there are 99 folds in a chef's hat to represent the 99 ways a chef can prepare an egg," he states.

"Make a Spanish tortilla or omelet," he states. "All you require is oil, potato, onion, and egg. You can make some in advance and eat them hot or, like in Spain, you can serve them at room temperature slightly jazzed up with a salad." They can also be an excellent lunch dish or a treat with wine before supper.

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Shutterstock" [Crepes] resemble a somewhat unique pancake," says Arbusto. "You can make them beforehand and put them in cling wrap for the next day." Crepes can be made sweet or savory. For breakfast or a light dinner, include ham and cheese. If you have a craving for sweets, you can even layer your crepes with jam or Nutella and make an enjoyable cake with them.

"The very best one to utilize is from chickpeas," states Aguilar. "This can be used when baking, making meatloaf, or actually whenever you need an egg to bind your ingredients. It's a fantastic method to make your eggs last a bit longer." Shutterstock, Paul Klaassen, chef and owner of Hen, Dough in Hendersonville, North Carolina, recommends mixing up your freezer meals with some brand-new ideas.

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"You can thaw out a few at a time or make a big family-style meal when you're all set." If you're trying to find a way to make vegetables last longer today, Klaassen says that root vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots freeze surprisingly well and include a fast, healthy side dish to any meal.