today is May 29, 2023

There's a lot to love about air fryers . I use mine all the time for quick dinners and fast snacks without the need for much or any cooking oil. There's also no better way to reheat leftover pizza. 

Don't believe me? Snag this compact Chefman air fryer on sale for $39 at HomeGoods and find out for yourself. (The same model is selling for $97 on Amazon .)

The one drawback to buying a new air fryer (or any kitchen appliance) is finding space for it, but this 3.5-liter model is small enough that it won't hog all the counter space. You can find even smaller models if you so desire. I love the Magic Bullet 2-quart oven , which packs a lot of power and has plenty of capacity to cook for one or two. 

But this discounted Chefman 3.5-liter air fryer is a better pick if you're often cooking for a small group or like to host friends for drinks and snacks on occasion. This model sports a digital touch display, a nonstick cooking basket and a sleek glossy finish. 

For more options, see our list of best air fryers in 2022 .

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