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This can result in cuts when you grab things to tidy. Don't attempt to capture a falling knife. If you drop it, take a quick step back so it doesn't nick your toes or get better on you. To pass a knife, hand it off by the manage. Or, set it down on the counter and let the other individual choose it up.

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This helps prevent nicking somebody who comes into your path. Keep knives sharp. A dull knife requires more force, which can result in slipping. To hone knives, examine the expense at a local hardware or kitchenware store, or rate out sharpeners at warehouse store. Do not try to hone serrated knivesit might ruin the teeth.

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Tuck your fingers toward your palm on the hand that is holding the food. Lead down with the tip. Angle the tip of the knife towards the cutting board. Slice. Cut through the food with a slicing or sawing motion. Do not simply push down. Develop a flat surface area. When working with round foods like onions or potatoes, cut them in half first.

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Cooking Terms Recipes are simpler to follow when you understand these common cooking terms. Bake Boil Broil Brown Chop Dice Grill Knead Mince Mix Poach Roast Saut (pan fry) Simmer Slice Steam Whisk To cook food in an oven with dry heat. To cook food quickly in heated liquid. The liquid moves quickly, and large bubbles keep breaking the surface area.

To prepare food directly under the heat source of a gas or electrical oven. Often used for fish and tender cuts of meat. To prepare quickly over high heat, usually on top of the stove, so the surface of the food turns brown and the inside stays moist. To cut into pieces, which can vary in size.

To prepare food straight on the heat source of a gas, charcoal, or wood grill. Frequently used for fish, tender cuts of meat, and veggies. To blend and work the ingredients that comprise dough into smooth, flexible form. Can be done with hands or a sturdy mixer. To cut food into even smaller sized pieces than diced.